Soul Live in Concert with Aditi Ramesh Ensemble

Get your party-shirt on for yet another fantastical, spectacular event by The Soul and BangBand. And this time, they’re not alone: presenting The Soul, a band who produces eclectic music and their members who’re not less eccentric than their music along with Aditi Ramesh Ensemble, an Indian band flying in to grace us with their music. On the 5th of April, 2019 from 05:00PM onwards, where will you be? We’re hoping the answer is Sugar Beach, because we’ve got a whole list of reasons why you should be there!

Have you heard, yet? There’s this band in town, and they’re stirring up a storm. Original, energetic and just all ‘round awesome, The Soul produces music that will get your ears tingling, your hips moving and your head nodding; trust us, we’d know. Having launched their first album just about three months ago, The Soul are a collection of eclectic sounds, including Blues, Rock, Reggae, Funk, Soul, and even a little Jazz, Pop and sometimes just a touch psychedelic. But that doesn’t even begin to describe how cool they are. While music is a prominent aspect of a band’s influence, we’d think personality is also key. However famous they are, popularity doesn’t seem to get to them. Humble and endearing, the band knows how to get the crowd involved.

We suppose, the easiest way to describe Khazim Miskin, the band’s guitarist and one of the oldest members of the band, Sarani Perera, the multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar and keyboard, his brother Uvindu, the bassist, Divanka Sewmin, the drummer, and Dave Roberts, vocalist and lyricist, is to say that they’re easily approachable, and fun to hang around with. But really, it’s their chemistry that makes you awe, their connection that seeps into the music and a mind-link hardly anyone would understand. Friendship is a vital element that comes to play when you want to exude the kind of vibe these guys do, and they seem to have it all figured out. We can’t find a reason not to love them, and the music they make so don’t overthink it, go ahead and experience all that jazz and cool vibe!

The Soul always treats us to great music, but that’s not the only thing. This time, they bring along Aditi Ramesh Ensemble. You probably already know who this cool group is, but we figured that her coolness should be expressed. Aditi Ramesh is a jazz/blues Carnatic vocalist, songwriter, bandleader and producer based out of Mumbai. She is known for her strong hold on tonal modulations and her ability to mix classical Carnatic music with jazz. Aditi’s debut EP, Autocorrect, released in November 2017, has had a tremendous response, and received acclaim both critically and commercially with applause from artists and curators in the music scene and features in multiple lists of the top Indian artists’ releases. We doubt this is something you’d want to miss out on, have you marked your calendar, yet?

Every great concert needs the best space and Sugar Beach takes up this role spectacularly. Entering Sugar Beach is pretty much the same as walking through a portal – from countryside to seaside – the experience will make you feel like you’re vacationing Down South and not right here, in Colombo. An indoor and outdoor setting, mouth-watering food and drinks, this place is anyone’s dream. Here’s what we recommend: head on down to Mount Lavinia, wander into Sugar Beach – where else would you go? – and feel the sand beneath your feet, the breeze in your hair, and listen to The Soul as they jam out on Friday.

The organizers really had your best interests at heart when they decided to host this concert on a Friday. Doesn’t it sound like the perfect start to your weekend? Unwind and let loose at Sugar Beach, because this is the perfect opportunity to chase away your Monday blues and start with a fresh perspective. Experience a whole new vibe and electric music like never before, and helping yourself to the exotic food and beverages that light your taste-buds on fire.

Don’t second-guess, keep your Friday free because this is a rollercoaster you’ll want to hop on. Book your tickets: RS.1500 pre-sold (Available at Hansa Coffee, Fife Road, Colombo 5) or RS. 2000 at the gate. For more information, Call 0777766936 / Whatsapp 0777274632.

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27th March, 2019 Performance Art