Yamaha PSS - E30 & PSS - F30

From sounds to symphonies, a baby first learns to use its vocals through listening to surrounding echoes and incomprehensible melodies. Music is intrinsically linked to the growth and conscious of a human being and it is this innate capacity that allows children, young adults and then as they mature into adults to comprehend and adapt to social situations, grasp ethical concerns and acknowledge their resolutions. The concept behind recognizing a particular tone and identifying a distinct cord is one that is fostered within the conscious mind from infancy and throughout. Studies have even proved that children who received music lessons had significant cognitive improvements compared to all other children in the study. Constructing and nurturing the practice of music at a young age have been found to significantly enhance children’s cognitive abilities, including languagebased reasoning, short-term memory, planning and inhibition, leading to improved academic performance. Yamaha Music Centre has been instrumental in providing a platform and products to cater to these educative methodologies and practices that support and foster the notion to improve a child’s development and performance through growth and throughout life.


The significant aspects and characteristics that determine ‘Remie’ PSS-E30’s capabilities is through its distinct features. From beautiful sounds, a keyboard made for small hands, and a songbook designed to help guide a premature conscious. Compact and lightweight, the instrument is easy for the young maestro to create and learn simultaneously. The keyboard carries inbuilt beautiful instrumental sounds including vehicle noises, animal noises, and other exhilarating sound effects that stimulate a child’s curiosity. A distinct feature appears in the form of ‘Quiz mode’ that becomes a great way to naturally develop a musical foundation while having fun, and allowing the child to guess the sound effects it plays. It also features a more advanced mode that probes children to guess the right notes further developing s/he’s cognitive skills. The ‘Remie’ PSS-E30 comes with pre-set songs, all of entertaining versions from popular tunes heard throughout their lives, in turn creating the beginning of something special. From the high quality mini keyboard, 47 voices of instruments, 74 sound effects, 28 auto accompaniment Styles and the Smart Chord function, 30 on-board Songs, a free digital songbook, and built-in speaker and a headphones jack, along with the option of either being battery operated and USB bus powered, the keyboard is portable and ready-to-use. 

The PSS-F30 is not dissimilar in its concept. Featuring a wide range of beautiful sounds only Yamaha could create, an automatic accompaniment function that exposes your child to different styles of music, a keyboard specifically designed for their smaller hands, and a pre-set library of famous tunes, the PSS-F30 becomes an avenue of education, functionality and enjoyment. Upon hitting that first note, a child is sparked with excitement and intrigue to learn more. As they experiment more and more, children are encouraged to discover an amalgamation of beautiful notes through which their creativity is expressed and conscious stimulated. They experiment, discover, all the while learning and developing a musical part of their personality. The PSS-F30 becomes the igniting spark of their creative flame and accommodates everything a child needs to improve and enhance their skillsets. This instrument too, carries a high quality mini keyboard, 120 melodies of instruments, 114 auto accompaniment Styles and the Smart Chord function, 30 on-board Songs, a free digital songbook, various function of tonal aspects such as Sustain, Metronome, and more. From being reliable and accessible, the PSS-F30 similar to the PSS-E30, is accompanied by a headphone port and built-in speakers as well as the dual use of battery and USB power operations.

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6th March, 2020 Performance Art