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Music has the delightful faculty to heighten our senses. It can impact our emotions, stimulate thoughts and strengthen our state of mind. As waves of sound go through our ear, it resonates with the whole of our body, rejuvenating our presence. In celebration of local music & musicians, ARTRA launched Sonic Sitdonws on the 20th of September on ARTRA’s Digital Platforms, which is a series of documentaries of performance artists, together with Yamaha Music Centre, of which our first episode featured Musicmatters, Co-Founded by Sumudi Suraweera, Sri Lanka’s revered music school that introduced alternative study courses for Western music education of which the program has earned a reputation for its practical approach to music, in contrast with the traditional exam-oriented instruction methods.

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THE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER!! - as the music gets louder, we bring to you Sonic Sitdowns, an exciting new series. The first episode gets behind the music with Musicmatters and the soulful community as they enrich and nurture lives through their music. . . The episode explores the raw music, featuring Sumudi Suraweera, Hania Luthufi, Isuru Kumarasinghe, Sarani Perera, Uvindu Perera, Dinelka Liyanage, Sithija Dilshan, Kazim Miskin, Nihara Jay, Yohan Jayasuriya, Ranul Seneviratne, Amal Abeygunawardena, Renuka Shriyantha, the bands Serendib Sorcerers and Dot Dotay, students of Musicmatters aged 4-7, and 14 - the pieces that make up the final product. We see musicians in their element as they create what you hear and the journey they take to succeed.

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6th October, 2020 Performance Art