Asela Perera

Asela Perera is hailed for his flamboyant instrumentation and artistry in his latest single ‘Design’, an original composition of eclectic music coupled with deep-seated meaning. Asela has been composing and performing his own music for nearly nine years, garnering a loyal community of music enthusiasts thus proving to be a key figure in the local English music scene.

‘Design’ (2018) is his first single after a break of two and a half years. We were captivated by the richness of the song resulting in the range of instruments, set in the time signature of mixed meter. Whilst 'Design' was written, arranged & performed by Asela, the electric guitar was arranged & performed by Thishan Wijesinghe, strings arranged & performed by Natasha Senanayake, bass arranged by Suren De Kauwe & performed by Nishan Daniel and drums were arranged & performed by Shehan Rodrigo. We found Asela's voice sailing with ease and grace whilst his song seducing the mind with thoughtful provocation on our systems of belief. Asela states “For me personally, the song is a statement of progression and evolution where it changed my musical direction”.

The single was released in October this year as the lead-up to his upcoming album ‘Gold’ which he defines as markedly more dynamic and progressive than his previous work. Asela decided to move from his homegrown studio environment into a professional studio for the recording of ‘Design’, accompanied by a wider variety of instrumentation. The artist mentions that the thematic scope of ‘Gold’ will also be notably extensive, with the records questioning morality and the concepts of right and wrong, and the innate ability in people to question the norm.

Asela traces his infatuation with music to his childhood days in Vienna, Austria, where he experienced the genre of reggae with influence from his extended family. After returning to Sri Lanka in 1991 to pursue education at school, his interest branched out to other varieties such as alternative and hard rock. Despite not knowing how to play an instrument, as a young man Asela connected with music on a beguilingly spiritual level, which fuelled his introvert soul.

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14th December, 2018 Performance Art