Sam Dayaratne

ARTRA celebrates Sam Dayaratne for his courageous undertaking of composing original English music after a string of successful covers. Sam’s daring and challenging role to take on the Sri Lankan music industry through composing music of his own in English despite its relataively small market is praiseworthy. ‘Carousel’, his recently released debut single opens up through carefully arranged lyrics about the hitches and complications of being in a complex relationship. Although he’s just starting his journey in composing original music, Sam’s commitment to creating popularity for original English music in Sri Lanka is the first step towards recognizing his first language and identifying his emotions through music.

‘Carousel’ 2019 is Sam’s first single after a study hiatus of three years. The song and lyrics exist as melancholic although soothing through a low timbre, richly sung among the sounds of a piano. Written and composed by Sam Dayaratne, Buddhi De Silva produces the music and piano arrangement, while sound engineering, mixing and mastering is done by Martin Rukshan Perera. The lyric video concept and design by Christine Abeysekara contributes further to the sombre theme of the song and reminisces a nostalgic time for the artist. Supported too by Sacha Seneviratne, his family, Ranush Ratnasekara and Mike De Silva, Sam’s latest song was released earlier in January this year, Sam’s voice sails through the lyrics and is heard to be sung earnestly. Sam says, “This song is a ballad. And to be honest, I write better when I’m sad.” Sam’s music paints a universally understandable narrative where he relates the gaping hole and emptiness that follows a heartbreak, leading it to be an emotive and relatable feeling.

In this competitive industry, ARTRA commends Sam in his approach of composing music in his first language and climbing the metaphorical, social hurdles existing as an industry for those who perform in the English language. The song ‘Carousel’ is the first song in his EP, including a range of songs inspired by assortments of his feelings, being stirred by moments or significant times he’s experienced throughout his life. While his moods determine his lyrics, Sam said that his music is influenced by listening to the music of great legends such as Bon Jovi, Freddie Mercury and Brent Smith of Shinedown. Winning his first ever competition singing a Bon Jovi song, Sam is constantly rejuvenated by music by great artists.

Sam’s next release comes in the form of ‘Chief Belief’, written with a friend which takes on a happier theme, contradicting his first release from the EP. A lifelong student of all things related to music, from singing in the shower to school talent shows, Sam’s sound is informed by his comprehension of the reflection on human interactions and the nature of love. We celebrate Sam Dayaratne for his skilled voice that maintains pitch and tone, easily navigating between complex harmonies and intimate quality.

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7th November, 2019 Performance Art