Ten Tips for choosing essential DJ equipment by The DJ Academy

DJ Academy is Sri Lanka's very first DJ Traning facility that was set up to offer worthy guidance and for young students aspiring to be DJs and pursue a career in entertainment. The DJ Academy aims to produce efficient, highly skilled and capable individuls, thus raising the bar within the industry in Sri Lanka. Given below are 10 tips to choose essential DJ equipment.

1. When starting out, keep your equipment to a basic minimum to a of two playing decks (CD Players) and a Mixer (2 or 3 channel) . The Less complicated the better.

2. If you are looking to buy a sound system, get something that is not too large and fairly light weight. Ideally a satellite system from a renowned dealer who can assure you good after sale service.

3. If you want to purchase some dance floor lighting effects, get basic equipmet which are easy to install on a tripod. Remember , you don't want to be rigging lots of lights as your focus should be to play music to an audience !

4. If you are a beginner buy yourself a reliable brand and not 'high end' models. As you get more experienced in the trade you can invest in more expensive high end DJ gear.

5. Buy a good pair of headphones as they will always make a difference in your performance as a DJ.

6. Try and get yourself a flight case so you can setup your console for easy mobile use, which will also avoid having to wire up /dismatle the equipment every time you take them around.

7. Make sure you purchase a good microphone (preferably a wired mic). It is a must when playing at mobile parties / gigs.

8. Buy a spare microphone and a spare set of head phones. You will never know when one of these could fail on you !

9. Ensure good quality connecting cables, jacks and sockets. This is vital for good quality audio outputs.

10. Purchase a torch or working light as a part of your equipment. It will always come in handy.  

3rd October, 2017 Performance Art