Noted l Musical Ensemble

Noted, a group of lively professional vocalists share the bond of friendship through song & melody. Their synergy as an ensemble has been a successful endeavour of which we feel strengthened this year through their unique rendition of the Sinhalese song ‘Olu Pipila’, originally composed by Sunil Shantha. Their stellar four-part performance of ‘Olu Pipila’ at the Asia Pacific Choir Games that was held in October this year, earned the position of first place champion winners under the ‘Chamber Choirs and Vocal Ensemble’ catergory. After having first sung together in the Methodist College school choir, the talented young ladies led by the highly accomplished conducter Sanjeev Jayaratnam, formed Noted in 2015 partaking in competitions since then.

The Essence of Their Style of Music

Notions of emotional dynamism and feeling within musical vocality is explored by the group through all their compositions. Having performed at a fundraiser at the Holy Emmanuel Church, Moratuwa in 2015, the group realised a resonance and acted on it in their first public performance. Although many of the compositions are adaptations, Noted has certainly allowed for an original sound to come through the process of rearrangement. To sing with an embodied sense of meaning is a determinate stance adopted by the ensemble that provides vigour to their performance.

Although primarily occupied in the biblical contexts of choir dramatism, Noted stands by the base of being an exploratory vocal ensemble. Nonetheless, it seems to remain that the most power manifested in their melodious portfolio are strongly rooted and have taken place in the church. The stylistic content of the group often occupies perceptive positions within compositions. Relationships between structural dynamics and applicative technicalities are investigated, such as the strength of the voice itself and its nuanced tonal expressions. The adoptive linguistics of light and shade are explored through the command of volume, and the relinquishment of tension in the systemic presentation of what constitutes the glorious mirages found within the celebration of spirit.

Inspired Adaptations

The ensemble have taken to the mastering of effort in order to communicate that which is in the grasping of value conceived in the midst of love, despair and the endless searching found in the varying degrees between them. The classic hits ‘Heaven Somewhere’, ‘Precious Lord’, ‘When I Fall In Love’, ‘Total Praise’, ‘Oh Happy Day’, ‘All That Has Life and Breath’ and ‘My Soul Has Been Anchored’, a mixture of gospel and popular songs that have stood the test of time through the relief of suffering and celebration experienced universally. Performing in churches and festivals, the refinement of their vocal practice prepared them for an eventual placement in the international arena of the fourth Asia Pacific Choir Games and the Grand Prix of Nations, both held in Colombo, October 2017...

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12th December, 2017 Performance Art