Yamaha Music Centre

Music has always inspired and instilled culture despite its ever-changing notion. Through musical expression, as an instrument begins its composition, the nuances of its culture, instants of joy and a sense of celebration is unravelled. The revolution of culture is still tied together and intertwined with society and the variation of their beliefs and notions by the familiar waves of sound created through inspiration, conveys emotions of elation, joy or even the simplest moments of relation and comprehension. So it becomes increasingly evident that music presents itself as the gift of culture. From choosing the right gift to linking it to a significant moment, it is the art of picking the right instrument. The collaboration of musical instruments to produce emotional or sentimental value and the significance of its stimulus in the diverse cultural features are strung together to depict society’s collective opinion and expression. Through this process, it is made to spread a sense of nostalgia or joy across people and unite humanity. So, as the tinkling and jingles of festive music is experienced, an instrument unveils its cultural influence.

Music is an interpretation of culture or an expression of an idea or emotion. Music has transcended time reminiscing varying cultures from all parts of the world. As explored in ARTRA Magazine May 2019 E44 drums for instance, are diverse and dynamic due to their simplicity. The Cajón, as a form of drum originating from Peru exemplifies the musicality created by slapping a work of wood in tune. The Djembe, on the other hand is a rope-tuned skin-covered drum meant to be played with bare hands. Belonging to the legacy of West Africa and the Mali Empire dating  back to 1230 AD, which has evolved over time into an instrument of historical and archival musical value. These instruments therefore are dynamic works that is reminiscent of a history, a heritage and tradition.

The critical feature of stimulating festivity and joy through music appears through the integral notion of choosing the right instruments. Yamaha Music Centre opens conversation between cultures of music in its capacity to present a variety of state-of-the-art products ranging from home-audio equipment to professional-audio equipment from home audio speakers and home theatre systems to digital and analog mixers. As the season of unity, festivity and rich culture arrives, Yamaha Music Centre provides instruments across many genres from only the very best brands. The very gift of music becomes one of merriment and self-expression, notwithstanding culture, stated eloquently by musician Billy Joel, “I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.” Yamaha Music Centre, provides the gift of festive music through not only a wide range of futuristic musical instruments but also the initiatives to break borders of culture by instilling a sense of purpose and euphoria, enhancing imagination and inculcating value in the language of music in its ability to spread a sense of celebration.

Yet, the gift of music does not limit itself to merely the purpose of reminiscing. Music, as this monumental gift allows the creation of delicate moments influencing new culture and tradition, to be remembered, fast-forward into the future; the magic of music is its ability to leave a significant footprint in the makings of memorable cultural practices. There’s a stimulus inside humans that recognise and respond to sound arranged as music, to be one with music. It is one of the few ways in which people from many cultures can connect with each other without language. As one reminisces and wonders upon musical legends of Elton John and George Michael in the essence of festive harmony, contemplating their inventive use of the piano or guitar to create lasting impressions of nostalgia, melancholy or joy. It is evident in the legendary symphonies that music is one with the human consciousness. The ultimate goal of any musician is to affect, impact and influence a sense of festivity and delight through to their audience and as they strum a guitar, beat a drum, or play the strings of a violin, as an inconceivable relationship is established between communities of diverse cultures. 

This season, Yamaha Music Centre presents the gift of music: the tools to create a medium through which one experiences the many inspirations of culture. Almost as if you were turning the dial on a music box, the simple flick of a wrist to create a beat or strum a guitar, you become one with the music embracing the musical cultures of rock from the 80s, urban from the 90s and many legendary periods before that. From the keys of a piano, strumming of strings on a guitar, to the constant, synchronized and thought-out thumping of sticks against drums and cymbals, an intimate relationship builds – between each beat of sound, together with the carefully constructed written art of sentimental meaning through lyrics, one is exposed and witnesses the gift of experiencing culture in the complex notes of joyfully composed music to celebrate and embrace the seasons of festivity. Often, as we jump on life’s metaphorical train, the human mind yearns to create memories at every stop. They are stored in a memory box inside our conscious mind, and are retrieved through reminiscing. From the many potential keys to this memory box, music is the most crucial and therefore becomes the most suited and warmest gifts for loved ones, near and afar.


23rd December, 2019 Performance Art