Palagama Beach Festival 2019 | March 2

If you’re looking for rollicking music by the beach this weekend, we’ve got you covered! Palagama Beach Festival is back again with its newest edition. Along with Sugar Beach Thalpe, they bring to us an exciting line-up of lively performances, mouth-wateringly delicious food, and an enchanting atmosphere. Set along the coast of Sri Lanka, The Music Festival will kick off this Saturday, the 2 March, 2019 from4PM onwards at Sugar Beach Thalpe.


The Palagama Beach Music Festival, is the most recent addition to the Palagama Beach experience. An annual event that started back in 2017, Palagama Beach Music Festival began through a collective admiration for music shared by friends and family of Palagama Beach. A celebration that combines good, live music with serene and calm natural surroundings to offer guests the best of all things music and all things nature. Following its previous successes, the Music Festival strives to raise the bar, continuing to host exceptionally and provide all guests a sprightly experience.


What’s your typical holiday like? Palagama Beach Resort has redefined the mere concept of lavish, extravagant, over-the-top holidays. Consisting of 16 cabanas and villas burrowed in the core of the acreage. From the eco-friendly outlook to Cajun and illuk roofs, to the rugged coastline and luscious greenery, everything here is designed to bring you back to nature. Transitioning into simple, traditional and a tranquil aura, Cecil Balmond, architecture of Palagama Beach Resort, constructed the structure through application of these notions. The idea that the father-son duo, renowned designers Cecil Balmond and John Balmond came up with, was to create beautiful, ecological living spaces- amalgamating the Sri Lankan view while slightly infusing the contemporary scene. Cecil and John Balmond, are founders at the prestigious establishment, Balmond Studios. The Balmond Studio is known for its revolutionary approach to architecture. The Studio’s work represents new attitudes towards the relationship between artistry and our surroundings. Balmond Studio is an award-winning design firm that manages productions in Colombo, London and Singapore. Read more about the Architecting of Alternative Perspectives in conversation with John and James Balmond on ARTRA Magazine, Art & Living, Edition 36.


Music is a tie, binding beings of all culture together despite social, ethical or political differences. Palagama Beach Music Festival is a celebration of music in grandeur, along with a collection of other performances including a diverse line-up of live music, with live digital art, fashion and dance performances combining live music across various genres featuring both local and international artists – while relatively rare – expands the boundaries of creative expression even further by integrating digital art, performance art and fashion. The line-up of remarkable musicians gracing the event will comprise The Drift, OiC, Mr. Corsini (UK DJ), The Velvet Rope (India), Wikibeats. 


Why not break away from the hustle and bustle of the city this weekend? Make a roadtrip to the South, and while you enjoy the turquoise beach, how about an evening of music? Palagama Beach Music Festival takes place on the 2nd of March 2019, this Saturday. This will be an opportunity to be part of a spectacle that adds a new dimension to Palagama Beach, showcasing the resort in a way that you wouldn’t otherwise see. The festival, born in Palagama Beach, an eco-resort in Kalpitiya, through a deep love for music, creativity and the island life. The festival has travelled around the island with Sugar Beach, Thalpe secluded with rock pools and white sands set against the shady palm trees, becoming accessible to wider audience, offering a platform to more performers and showcasing more beautiful locations. Presenting you with the utmost significant prospect of being part of this wonderful rendition, The Music Festival promises to exist as the place to be. So don’t miss out, grab your tickets now!

Tickets priced at 2000LKR and it is highly recommended that you purchase in advance. Head on over to this link to purchase tickets online: https://www.444.lk/events/palagama-beach-music-festival-2019-296 or call/text +94 766871388 for more info.

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