When French philosopher Albert Camus said, ‘In order to be created, a work of art must first make use of the dark forces of the soul,’ he was perhaps speaking of the depths of the artist’s character and their depiction of the acrid and saturnine emotions, perchance of the powerful and gripping drive of a painter’s inspiration; the idea behind a strong and intense work of art that comprehends the soul of its viewer and their innermost proclivities. Artist ‘66.6’, through the facilitation of their spectrum of emotions, illustrates and paints what it means to feel intensely and convey potently the extent of a feeling and its effect and influence on a single thought, an alteration in opinion or counterparts of their observations.

As a traditional artist, 66.6 began their journey at a very young age and was exposed to a diverse mediums of art, dabbling in the performance and visual, from illustrations to photography, they became part of industry and is now recognized for their unique and distinct concepts. Driven through not only robust passions such as rage and melancholy, but also the comprehension of nature’s ways and behaviours of human beings, simple significances such as egos and boxes, 66.6 creates a space to be different and to express unlike the stereotypical acceptance of society’s ways. In conversation with 66.6, we explore the narratives through which they express and what each aspect of their atypical depictions mean while understanding their intention and purpose to create a space through these illustrations for the unusual and the different.

Q | Can you tell us how you began your journey in the art industry?

A | My journey in the art industry began rather early, having been brought up in a very artistic setting, as I'd like to say, among other artists and those with a deep appreciation towards art in its many forms. I began my journey in the industry around the age of 8-10 as I recall, often being a part of small-scale exhibitions, while simultaneously pursuing art in school. Later on, I explored the many mediums and forms of art, in terms of traditional art, and even a little bit of photography.

Q | What is the inspiration behind your work?

A | I'd say that what inspired me at the very beginning, were things like people and nature and all other basic aspects that existed in art. With that said, I began to find inspiration in my thoughts and feelings such as rage, fear, confusion and melancholic emotions, that I managed to channel into my art. I also do watch anime, and cartoons, that allow me to find a sense of comfort in agreeing with the villains in certain stories, hence finding inspiration within them too. Other things that inspire me and my art, are people; their behaviour, and egos, alongside society and its functions playing an important role in fuelling the messages I wish to communicate through my art. While only a handful of people would merely wonder what my art means, I'd say it's all just a compilation of emotions that have been watered down in the form of a work of art. The twisted, dark and alien-like aspects that embody the ideal perspective that I have with regards to my personality and physical appearance, while the darkness in most of my characters eyes represent the lack of emotions, quite ironically. Hence there is always too little, or too much emotion in my work. Adding onto the list of these very bizarre inspirations, is my everlasting love for the Goth subculture, and its many facets and elements.

Q | What of the symbolic motifs and dark characteristics such as the alien-like figures and idiosyncratic nuances of your work are significant to your concepts and how do they bring out the essence of the idea you portray?

A | Well, when you see the identities of these alien-like creatures, I often portray myself, both physically and emotionally. Similarly, there’s a lot of symbolism behind the existence of eyes in my work that represent the act of constantly being watched. It’s all a little complicated to explain, because I merely sketch what is on my mind at that very moment!

Q | Your art is unique and authentic in its narrative and concept; what is the idea behind your works of art and why do you take on these narratives?

A | It all comes down to what inspires me once again, the idea I aim to give people is that being different and strange has its own authenticity, and that being "quirky" is not necessarily a bad thing, and about how everyone is their own kind of strange. The reason why I take on this narrative is because I want people to see that life, and its many elements can be perceived through the eyes of many people, and how regular things can in fact be quite irregular, and how irony and sarcasm play a pretty important role in all our lives, and how things shouldn't be taken too seriously. In my opinion, anyone can become an artist, if they truly tap into the deepest crevice in their mind.

Q | Can you explain the mediums through which you create?

A | I work with mostly ink on paper, occasionally experimenting with watercolours, acrylics, crayons and a mix of it all.

Q | What do you hope to impart onto your audience and what do you hope to achieve as an emerging artist?

A | I just want my audience to know that each and every one of them is capable of doing whatever they desire, and I promote self-acceptance, alongside accepting others for who they are. I also do strongly encourage non-conformative, unconventional, out-of-the-box thinking. As an emerging artist, I only aim to achieve to uplift other artists, giving them the spotlight, and to inspire individuals to have pride in their authentic selves.

What does it mean to express an emotion through lines and colours, curves and contours? To create creatures and figures unlike a fellow kin or being yet one that represents your innermost self? Artist 66.6 illustrates their myriad of emotions, of thoughts and opinions on paper, idiosyncratic characters embodying those of their subconscious and conscious understandings and observations. 66.6 creates not just a reflection of what they are and become, but the possibility and space for fellow artists of the emerging industry to follow in their diverse footsteps, encouraging them to step out of the boundaries of society and create that which they truly are. 66.6 conveys what it means to be different in a world striving to appoint labels and fit into moulds. With their art, 66.6 embraces self and ventures forth to encourage others to do so.


26th January, 2021 Visual Art | Paintings