Dulanka Devendra

Dulanka Devendra is paid homage for his interpretive skill and unique versatility in discussing socio-political realities in his short film ‘Children of the White’ (2018). We applaud Dulanka for his ability to take the audience on a sensorial journey of narrative with visually, emotionally and intellectually captivating artistry through cinematography. Notably, within a short period of time the film has received both local and international acclaim for Dulanka, winning accolades including the Ceylon Theatres award for the ‘Best National Short Film’ at the Agenda 14 Jaffna International Cinema Festival 2018, Official selection in category ‘International Short- Fiction’ at the Monterrey International Film Festival 2018, Mexico and the 'Best Short Film' award at the Singapore South Asian Film Festival 2018.

Dulanka’s journey towards gaining recognition as an emerging artist is one of inspiration characterized by a deep connection with the cinematic genre. The artist grew up in Colombo mesmerized by the film industry, watching the creations of local cinematic connoisseurs such as Prasanna Jayakody and Vimukthi Jayasundara, as well as the international genius of filmmakers including Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Gaspar Noe and Asgar Farhadi. With a Bachelor's degree in 3D Design from Academy of Multimedia Design and Technology, Colombo, we believe Dulanka has metamorphosed himself into a filmmaker with a strong vision for the future of the industry.

In conversation, the artist recalls watching ‘Artificial Intelligence’ directed by Steven Spielberg at the age of ten and gathering courage to embark upon his dream of filmmaking. The classic film’s delineation of the enduring nature of maternal love in a crisis of rapid advancement of technology was of immediate appeal, and Dulanka’s instinct to engage with human relationships fused with an awakening of the mind in addressing contemporary issues. His first short film ‘Demawatha’ was produced in 2011, depicting the complexities of Buddhist monkhood. 

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18th December, 2018 Visual Art | Mixed Media