Salome Nanayakkara

We are happy to launch the Exclusive DAILY ARTRA Column this edition featuring emerging artistic talent of novelty. DAILY ARTRA’s artist of the month of July, Salome Nanayakkara who is known as ‘metaldoodler’ on social media is laudable for her riveting works of mixed media. In our conversation with her, we explore her universe of mothbots, copperflies and creativity.

Picking apart intricate metal fragments from ruined metal devices, and then piecing them to the tune and shape of miniature bots is how Salome describes ‘metal doodling’ her pseudonym on social media. The metal inspired, self-taught artist works to create, bend and instil life into metal. With her belt of power tools and mysticism in her fingers, Salome is a crafter and a DIY being. Her love for metal evolves from its flexibility and ability to take a form that is more subjective – to create unique works of art. From painting the queen of hearts onto brass to reflecting novel perspectives, Salome constructs a distinct canvas that speaks volumes of her artistic consciousness. Salome’s passion began from the heart, both literally and metaphorically. Her first ever metal sculpture was a metal heart – and continues to transpire into irreplaceable objects, hung as ornaments, decorative pieces and personal possessions.

Salome’s bots are created from cogs, crowns and barrels, each one unique and no two the same. Some of the species include, emerald bay bots, aquamarine dragonflies, amethyst bots, rust mothbots, turtle mothbots, fireflybots, green crystal mothbots, mechanical mothbots, copperflies, timekeeper bots and blue-speckled mothbots. It is said that the amethyst bots began at the core of the Earth where they fought their own sticky plasma demons and burst out of their cocoon where they spread their wings and took flight. Salome concocts a story for each of her creations to bring them to life, and we find this to be one of her significant artistic features.

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5th July, 2019 Visual Art | Mixed Media