Art Exhibition by Abdul Halik Azeez

After a hiatus of over six years, Abdul Halik Azeez returns for his second solo exhibition with Saskia Fernando Gallery. In search of the erased histories and forgotten memories that hide under the paved surfaces of the built environment, Azeez highlights the relevance of refusing to accept what is put before you, what towers in front of you and distracts you from the truth, and instead choosing to investigate reality as you would search for patterns formed by clouds in the sky. Azeez’s exhibition is composed of multimodal art pieces including photographs, moving images, drawings and handmade zines, promising an interactive and thought-provoking experience.

Abdul Halik Azeez completed his MA in English Literature and Linguistics at the University of Granada in 2017 and an MA in Financial Economics at the University of Colombo in 2010. His selected exhibitions include ‘Colombedouin’, at Saskia Fernando Gallery in 2014; Borderland Brokers in Colombo and London in 2018; ‘Embodying Power’ at Sapumal Foundation, Colombo in 2018; ‘Coast and Concrete’ at Saskia Fernando Gallery in 2017; ‘In Search for Stillness’ at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 2017 and Colomboscope, 2019, 2017, 2016 and 2015. Artist Abdul Halik Azeez, who began his journey as a photojournalist, was previously featured on ARTRA Magazine Edition 41 as we conversed with him, to discuss the capacity of his photographs to mirror his perspective as an artist while exploring his creative influences in instigating his artistic expression. 

Abdul Halik Azeez’s art is inspired by his past as a citizen journalist and independent researcher focusing on hate speech and discourse, documenting the stories that go unwritten and unheard. Using social media to publish his work, Azeez ventured into photojournalism. In his first solo exhibition at Saskia Fernando Gallery, Azeez explored the chaotic pace of change in contemporary Sri Lanka – bringing attention to the plight of minorities and the residents of overlooked and ignored slums. Who is left behind in our race for development? This narrative extends into his latest exhibition – titled “day dreamer you are,” an exploration of the cracks in the picture-perfect image of Colombo’s development.   

Saskia Fernando Gallery will open doors to this exhibition on Thursday, March 25th. Join Abdul Halik Azeez in his exploration of what lurks under the glossy marble of development until the 22nd of April 2021 at Saskia Fernando Gallery.  

17th March, 2021 Visual Art | Mixed Media