SEA by Jat Holdings Pvt Ltd

What makes a home? A seemingly simple question ebbed with complexity. In many ways, home embodies how we live and see ourselves. Creating a space that inculcates these attributes requires reflection and thoughtful selection of design. We are at a time of change for design globally and it is impacting the way we live our life. Living gains momentum in approaching requirements through design and sophistication that resonate with uniqueness, perception and taste. Incorporating artistic principles in contemporary lifestyles demands in-depth knowledge of aesthetics, which only expertise in design thinking can give birth to.

In the nerve center of the domestic environment, the kitchen and its design becomes significant, for the simple reason that it is the critical space where aesthetics interact with everyday life. The functional value of the space can be further accentuated by design influence, where it adds character to aspirational living. On that note, SEA German modular kitchens offer a broad diversity of possibilities to match individual aesthetic and functional requirements. Each SEA Kitchen design is unique consisting of a clear form language, straight lines and focus on utility and individual requirements, characteristic of a SEA Kitchen design in SEA Purista, SEA Contemporary, and SEA Vintage.

Design critic Alice Rawsthorn insists, “Design is one of the most powerful forces in our lives, whether or not we are aware of it, and can also be inspiring, empowering and enlightening”. This is a statement that we found to be synonymous with the design ethos and partnership between JAT Holdings and SEA. Design is not simply to observe but manifest a form of utility while remaining in the artistic realm. In return, this quintessence of a sense of practicality shape discerning lifestyles.

The Purista kitchen collection merges the kitchen and living space, of perfectly studied proportions. Its minimalism reminds one of the simplicity of a gallery and the finesse of fine works of contemporary art. The contemporary collection includes a wide range of unique colors, materials, and elements transforming the possibilities of an elegant, functional and aesthetic design infinite. The Vintage collection brings extravagancy to the living space in the form of its frames, ornaments, decorative strips and cornices combined with the latest finishes.

SEA is a venture by Delf Baumann, the owner of Bauformat/Burger Group and Alex Sofalvi, a long-term director of the group. As designers, they analyzed and conducted intensive research on the Asian market to identify the attributes that need to be adapted and included to present SEA while maintaining its bespoke aestheticism. SEA offers over 300 exclusive handpicked finishes and materials to  ensure that the customer has a range of options to spur their creativity. In the creation of applied art, it is essential to objectively step outside society and understand how culture manifests itself. It is during this process does artistic principles manifest. 

JAT Holdings engages in the endeavor of understanding the intricacies involved in the process of developing modern-day living space. The openness in design to accentuate the functional values in artistic principles is reflected in the SEA collection. Necessity creates certain limits but not at the expense of design influences. With designer influence, one can certainly create spaces that consciously manipulate aesthetic elements to exude meaningful, satisfying and joyful experiences of which JAT Holdings strategically approaches designer influence, by perceiving the interior of living space as a hub that connects the customer and artistic expression.

7th March, 2019 Visual Art | Furnishing & Accessories