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The design of a building and the design of its interior are strongly interconnected. The ultimate aim of the design is the creation of places that speak to the purpose, places that are imbued with a spirit capable of evoking another dimension of feeling beyond our simple sense of touch. The interior evolves directly from the formal and conceptual ideas of the building, and the building is directly impacted by programmatic and human behavioral constraints of the interior.

Design thinking at its core is about understanding the world and its wonder. It’s the fact that everything to do with design – is something beautiful, enriching the quality of life and worthy of awe. We found the profundity of this idea instilled in the architectural philosophy of Philip Weeraratne, the esteemed architect who established PWA Associates who presents cutting edge and interpretive architecture to suit contemporary times. For Philip, architecture addresses the primary concerns of utility, durability, and beauty and with his years of expertise, he has an intuitive knowledge and an understanding of how modernity meets simplicity. The connection between building and interior remains critical and inevitable and therefore design thinking is essential in accentuating the architectural beauty of a living space, which has the ability to elevate one’s quality of life.

Philip’s architectural philosophy is valued and maintained through his patronization of JAT Holdings who apply the concept of design thinking that revolves around a deep interest in developing an understanding of the people for whom the designing is intended. Their on going working relationship facilitates his aesthetical approach and together, they have been able to enrich and enhanced each of their design ethos. All of Philip’s architectural projects have an underlying purpose, a reason for being. Understanding that purpose is an essential step in the process of architecture. Once Philip grasps a deeper meaning of the intricacies, he accentuates and personalizes spaces to befit contemporary needs. In terms of the specification at 447 Luna Towers, JAT Holding’s SEA Bauformat played a critical role in heightening the ambience and technology of modernity. As a testament to design solutions, SEA Bauformat, an esteemed German brand of kitchens, wardrobes and vanities facilitates in setting the tone for modern homes, apartments, residential developments and hotels. SEA Bauformat is in line with JAT Holdings’s drive towards transforming spaces through inventive creations, as the SEA Collection is a broad testimony of design influences to match aesthetic and function.

As the chief architect of 447 Luna Towers, Philip has created a seamless flow between design and space. Every apartment features clean lines and floor-to-ceiling double glazed windows that filter out noise but allow plenty of natural light and is complete with meticulously selected SEA Kitchens that are the very definition of elegance and sophistication. The vision Philip and PWA have for 447 Luna Towers are vertical living in a visually compelling and functionally efficient facility of which SEA Bauformat collaborates with precision.

Designed with lines, materials, and colors to express visual harmony with both architecture and nature, SEA kitchens extends the character as well as the functionality of interior spaces that compliments the architectural philosophy of Philip. During our conversation, Philip stressed the importance of working on his projects with high quality materials, which are unique in aesthetic, skilled in workmanship and finesse in reflecting a cohesive modern interior.  “Architecture is a process that involves working with many partners and it is key to work with those who share similar values and design principles to create works of integrity. We collaborate together with JAT and continuously work towards raising standards and expectations in this journey of shaping and designing the contemporary, befitting the narratives of our times”

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