ARTRA’s Top 10 of Artist Challenge l Culinary Art l Aqeela Marzook

Food is a strong marker of culture and civilization which betrays the essence of a nation while functioning as a typical expression of cultural identity. Having proved itself an exquisite form of art celebrating the aesthetic of food preparation and presentation, culinary art holds an extensive significance in national and international cultural arenas. Owing to the very reason, it has currently grown into a thriving trend in the commercial world. Dione Lucas, an iconic figure in the culinary field thus expresses that “the preparation of good food is merely another expression of art, one of the joys of civilized living”. Deeply linked with diverse populations and their cultures, culinary art is increasingly expanding and becoming a rich mélange of the traditional and the modern, the eastern and the western and the exotic and the refined. Aqeela Marzook, an emerging artist/entrepreneur recognized through the ARTRA Artist Challenge for her exceptional and spectacular cake art is also the founder of Buttercupbubbles providing baking solutions to clients through her remarkably artistic cake decorations and styling.

Elaborating on her vision as an artist Aqeela mentioned that imagination and the ability to work with colours is the key to her craft. Being a visual artist engaged in the culinary sector which is a wide ranging area for innovative experimentation, Aqeela prioritizes the visual appeal that she creates on the consumer through her detailed and inventive cake decorations. Further commenting on the uniqueness of her art and her objectives as an artist and an entrepreneur, Aqeela shared with ARTRA her view that “Culinary artists decorate their meals by expressing themselves. A culinary artist cuts, mixes, paints, and colors their meals like artists. Baking is an artwork because in order for me to achieve that beautiful cake by simply, I need to know the importance of visual appeal, as well as the good taste and the good smell of it”.

As an experienced baker Aqeela has an instinctive sense and a practical understanding of the baking techniques, decoration methods and styles which she employs in creating unique yet familiar cake creations. Aqeela believes skill, knowledge, intuitive passion and imagination to be the key requisites for any culinary artist determined to achieve mastery. ARTRA admires her innovative use of flavours, textures, colours and as a whole the magnificent and impressive visual appeal dexterously produced on an edible art piece. Describing the purpose and the objective of the art of cake decoration and making confections Aqeela mentions that she personally enjoys helping people cherish and memorialize their special occasions of life. 

Reflecting on her business brand Buttercupbubbles in conversation with ARTAR Aqeela stated that it is the climactic result of her great passion for baking. Experimenting and mastering the art since a girl child of eleven years Aqeela’s first priority and passion in life was to leave her mark one day in the culinary field as a skilled baker. Baking for her was not only a hobby but a means of finding her artistic talent and self-satisfaction. She fondly remembers her younger days as an amateur baker dreaming to be featured in the famous culinary TV show “The Ultimate Cake Off” on the TLC Network showcasing the extent of her imagination and determination. She didn’t fail to remind her loving family who stood by her side in her journey towards becoming an accomplished culinary artist enjoying her food and encouraging her in every possible way to make her dream a reality.

Observing her colourful and dainty cake creations, it is visible that her cake art is edged with a particular classic yet flamboyant character further accentuating its highly delicious and appetizing quality. Each piece carries a unique beauty and stands out from the commonplace cake decoration styles to a great extent and the amount of effort and care that goes into every s single cake is remarkable. The texture and the feeling that Aqeela imbibes into her works of art is absolutely magnificent which has earned her a considerable demand in the clientele as an outstanding cake decoration artist.

In addition to cake styling, Aqeela caters to a wide range of patisserie needs including cupcakes, dough nuts and other delicacies. Her creations are often flamboyant while the intensity of colour and delicate patterns make a significant visual impact on the consumers. In conversation with ARTRA Aqeela stated that her ambition is to become a trained pastry chef and create products that are truly unique and inspiring. As a growing cake artist she claims that she has come to understand that getting out of the comfort zone and embracing art with an unprejudiced mind and readiness for experimentation and exploration is essential as that is where one can find one’s true self.

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21st May, 2020 Visual Art | Mixed Media