Rohan Paulas

Progressive Vision

Art is a musing. It stimulates the mind, body and soul of which the artist is the source of this rejuvenation. Providing an alternative to this artist’s canvas upon which he or she conventionally paints their prophecy, Ciello’s bespoke designer tiles and glass forges an intimacy between art and the day to day. They provide an alternative material to the artist’s canvas, broadening opportunities for creative expression. Spearheading Ciello with passion is Rohan Paulas, a trailblazer with a strong sense of cultural responsibility. His creative venture Ciello, epitomizes the phrase artistic living. The inspiration behind the company derives from Rohan’s time spent living overseas, amidst art connoisseurs, patrons and design conscious trend setters. Having lived in London and Spain for nearly thirty years, the entrepreneur was influenced by the vibrancy and eclectic nature of the art. “For the Spanish and Italians, art is a way of life. In whatever they do, they have finesse and style”. In his experience working with real estate developments, the creative process of artists, architects and designers motivated Rohan. Upon returning to Sri Lanka, and with the driving force of St. Anthony’s, Ciello was born. They entered the market in pursuit of being a disruptive force in the creative industry, challenging conventional forms of art and design. Rohan was motivated to integrate daily living with artistic output by using materials such as ceramic, porcelain and glass to celebrate artistry.

Exploring Interaction

The Ciello showroom, situated at 441, Nawala Road is an interactive gallery space combining cutting edge technology with creative sensibilities. Ciello identifies and ascribes itself to surface design specialism by working with multiple mediums. There is a wave of enthusiasm surging through Rohan who describes the vast potential that artists yield, as well as clients. “Up until this point, regular customers of homeware were never able to work with their own design. We provide the platform to create unique designs and even recreate something seen before. We can do almost anything they envision as we are committed to bringing their imagination to life”.  For the first time in Sri Lanka, printing on ceramic tiles provides infinite artistic possibilities.

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8th June, 2018 Visual Art | Architecture