ARTRA’s Top 10 of Artist Challenge l Sketching l Ajmal Imthiyas

Ajmal Imthiyas, the winner of ARTRA’s artist challenge under the category of sketching, is a budding artist who is currently pursuing higher studies at AMDT. It was the promising talent he displays as a young artist that drove us to recognize him. He shares a closer bond with the pencil, commanding it in such a way that, together, they produce an artwork that attracts the eye of the viewer instantly. The visual art form of sketching requires a particular skill set which includes attention to detail, patience, and professionalism in creating, and one look at the artworks created by this promising artist shows that he is equipped with all he needs. The intricate details of his sketches invite the viewer to engage with the artwork for a lengthier period of time, thus providing intellectual pleasure while the obvious visual appeal offers aesthetic pleasure. We thus celebrate Ajmal for his mastery at artistic expression where he intersects the traditional craft of pencil sketching with the modern art of 3d sketching.

Ajmal's journey as an artist commenced from a very young age. “I started from drawing at home and sketching on whatever I was able to get my hands on,” he said, recalling how he used to draw and sketch on whatever surface he could find, breaking the boundaries of the medium even as a child artist! His passion gradually evolved, and he grew into a designer who excels in both pencil sketching and 3D art creation. His artistic expression is not limited to the said mediums; he is also skilled in concept art, digital printing, illustrating, lighting, and texturing. His software proficiency spans across multiple avenues, including 3ds Max, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Substance Painter. Equipped with such a wide variety of skills and proficiencies, Ajmal creates pieces of fine artistry that have the ability to connect with the viewer on a level that transcends the material, which we find admirable. For instance, we found that his sketch portraits of human figures are highly expressive, and convey inherent human sentiments on an abstract, surreal level. Every line is carefully countered and textured that they connect with the viewer emotionally and intellectually. Specifically, his masterful incorporation of multiple hues of the greyscale in his black and white sketches transforms the figures into sentient beings who connect with the viewer through blurred pencil lines, evincing Ajmal’s talent as an artist.

He believes that one needs to be intrinsically connected with their inner selves in order to activate their creative faculties. “I believe that the best thing an artist can be is their own self; an artist is a person who has to liberate him or herself to be open to their own imagination,” he said. Indeed, only when connected with their inner selves can an artist reach their best performance. “Something that design has taught me along the way is that the way forward is always from within,” Ajmal added, further emphasizing on the importance with connecting with the self. The artist’s harmonization with the self results in a triangular relationship where the inner self, the artist and the artwork come together as an outstanding display. We believe that Ajmal’s specialty emerges from this innate rapport he shares with his inner self when creating. His sketches inspired by several fandoms truly bring out how his pencil concurrently works with his inner feelings, ultimately resulting in an artwork that stands out as a showpiece. His fan-art extends his true feelings to the viewer through the artistic subtlety of sketching. 

Colors play a significant role in Ajmal’s life, both as an individual and an artist. “I have been in love with colors since I was small. I consider it as a gift; it has helped me achieve many things and guided me in my journey so far. I believe it will continue to be my guiding star throughout my life as a designer,” says Ajmal, emphasizing his passion for the myriad hues and shades. We found it praiseworthy that his artworks depict not – commonly - seen colors intermingled with regular colors in perfect equilibrium. This fusion of colors creates a visual artwork that is harmonious and intriguing at the same time. Ajmal also has created multiple black and white sketches, manipulating the viewer's eye with the hues of the greyscale and the visual appeal of the classic monochrome. Irrespective of the use of color, all his artworks articulate the sheer dedication that went into each one of them, the love and the passion with which every single line was sketched.

For Ajmal, sketching means freedom. Freedom of thought, freedom of creation, and freedom of design. It is an endeavor where freedom flows from the mind to the fingertips, and to the paper. He marks that sketching offers a pathway towards calmness and relaxation. We found this to be true in terms of both the artist and the consumer; not only the artist, we as the consumers too experienced peace and relaxation when viewing Ajmal’s artworks. And we believe that it is one of the reasons why his artworks stand out among the rest.

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22nd May, 2020 Visual Art | Sketches