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Thameur Mejri, When hope fails you 2, 2022, Image Courtsey | Thameur Mejri

Thameur Mejri investigates complexities of human existence by identifying parallels between paradoxical ideas of violence, innocence, guilt and shame. The human figure acts as a central element throughout his compositions, the vigorous manner in which Mejri places the figure onto the canvas, reflects the relationship between painting and painter, suggesting self-portraits that battle to fully emerge and reveal themselves. Thameur Mejri's newest body of work is centered on the genesis of any drawing, which is the point, the line, and the brushstrokes of the flashy colours that serve as a plenum background to black bold graphite hatches.

The return to the fundamentals such as the pictorial elements used by the artist are at the center of 'Over the Edge'. As if we pushed the limits of the painting, had peeled its skin to see what remains. We will find a drawing with graphite powder with a hatched treatment where the skull, the fly and the television, master elements that have driven the work of Mejri since its genesis, are honored. He approaches painting as a film director and he films with the vision of a painter, allowing for the qualities of each discipline to manifest upon one another; the chaos and movement in his paintings are a testament of this. 

Thameur Mejri, When hope fails you 1, 2022, Image Courtsey | Thameur Mejri

The exhibition will deal with what can be kept of the traces of life, what can be maintained of a deconstruction process, resilience and exposure of the ordeals experienced by the artist, materialised by the remains of the characters who carry the pennant of vanity of socio-political postures, of a daily practice or of an introspective relationship to oneself. He has exhibited widely, including the 13th Cairo Biennial, Cairo, Egypt / Dakar Biennale of Contemporary African Art, Dakar, Senegal / N' Namdi Center for Contemporary Art, Detroit, USA / New York International Independent Film and Video Festival, New York, USA / and an upcoming solo exhibition at Le macLYON / Lyon / France. Mejri’s work forms part of many prestigious collections of art, including Barjeel Art Foundation, Sharjah, UAE / The Sindika Dokolo Foundation, Luanda, Angola / Dalloul Art Foundation, Beirut, Lebanon.  The Museum of African Contemporary Art Al Maaden (MACAAL). Marrakech. Morocco.

The latest exhibition would take place at Selma Feriani Gallery, Cromwell Place, Gallery 11. The exhibition would open to the public on the 07th June 2022. 

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4th June, 2022 Visual Art | Paintings