Careems Jewellers

Jewellery has fascinated civilizations across the world, whereby designs are influenced by heritage and cultural underpinnings. The award winning artists and designers behind Careems, Manori Jayasinghe, Sujeewa Dewanarayana & Sajeewa Thotagamuwa utilize diamonds and precious stones as canvases to depict their distinctive perception of tradition. Inspired by ancestry, selected jewellery stand as an acknowledgment to cultural significance. ‘The Mask Ring’ is inspired by the folklore motifs derived from traditional masks worn during ritualistic performances As opposed to utilizing the curves seen on traditional masks, ‘The Mask Ring’ carries linearity, set with especially cut Black Onyx and pave Diamonds, which further characterizes the manner through which these statement pieces are nurtured and reified by the design ethos of the jeweller.

In paying tribute to the most significant local cultural phenomenon; the ceremonial Perehera Processions, the jeweller celebrates elephantine finery in elaborately decorated dress and lights, depicted by a large luminous Citrine gemstone surrounded by Rubies and Diamonds. This mesmerizing scenario is captured in the pendant, ‘Elephant’ where the gems coordinate to create a majestic tusker that hails the Sri Lankan legacy. Embracing all forms of nature and navigating the wearer through new perspectives, ‘Rythmic Tornado’ projects on the beauty that lies within an occurrence that is powerful enough to ruffle both earth and sea. An enchanting arrangement of moonstone, pastel blue sapphires, purple amethyst and diamonds, this statement piece is a whimsical reminder of the wonders of nature. Yet, between the calm and before the storm, the ‘Diamond Bangle’ intricately crafted with white gold and diamonds captures the whimsical and meticulous play of the wind. This work, in our opinion, depicts the unpredictability of the layers of the wind gathering form in the creation of a tornado. 

Evidently, Careems thereby celebrates artistic craftsmanship of interpretive caliber. When jewellery crafted by artists are worn, it synchronizes with the human form and are similar to that of travelling art exhibits, carrying stories of symbolic significance. The consciousness with which they are made of is not only seen, but also felt - as the works of Careems become points of conversation of artistic reverie.

Visit the Careems flagship store located at 11, Cambridge Place Colombo 7 for consultation and call Careems on +94 112 687444 or email for appointements.

12th February, 2019 Visual Art | Sustainable Design