Ruth Biller | Anna Laudel Düsseldorf

Artist Ruth Biller employs the human body, nature, and landscapes as focal points in her artistic endeavours, emphasizing the exploration of the concept of space. Biller provides a captivating glimpse into her artistic vision and distinct approach to painting and pictorial design for her exhibition, 'Selvage of Time'. 

The exhibition’s title, 'Selvage of Time', refers to the fabric-like quality of her paintings and the delicate, organic structures she expertly crafts in her pieces. Biller orchestrates a symphony of free-flowing forms and ornamental fraying through her luminous brushwork, intricately interweaving her pictorial spaces to create a genuinely singular visual experience.

Ruth Biller encapsulates her artistic philosophy and inspirations in a poignant quote: “In the baggage of seeing, I discover the imprint of time spent in other places, like a table set with the smells of unfamiliar paths, glasses filled with wanderlust.”

The surface of her artworks appears fragmented, with bodies and gestures seemingly displaced from time, ensconced in a fluid interplay of spatiality and nuanced colours. From a myriad of personal impressions and inspirations to choreographing her creations, Biller evolves new interweavings and compositions of dance formations, snapshots of current events, and personal experiences that serve as wellsprings of inspiration. 

In her paintings and prints, vibrant rhythmic rows of images emerge on both canvas and paper, brought to life through intricate layers of colour and spatial overlays. This technique not only adds depth to her creations but also imparts a variable and nuanced quality to the visual narrative she weaves.

Working on her artistic expression based in Berlin, Germany, Biller’s studio and home are serving as the epicentre for her creative pursuits and the birthplace of the captivating interplay between human form, nature, and the ever-expansive concept of space in her work.

'Selvage of Time' is currently on display at Anna Laudel Düsseldorf till the 20th April.

28th March, 2024 Visual Art | Paintings