ARTRA’s Top 10 of Artist Challenge l Art l Peshala Premathilaka

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul and paints his own nature into his pictures” says Henry Ward Beecher defining the significance of art as an individual and collective mode of expression. A clever brush stroke can create a universe of colour, meaning and feeling visually representing an individual’s creative and critical perception of the world on the canvas. The art of painting acts as a strong means of soulful communication between the artist and the spectator. A skilled painter therefore must possess the ability to infuse mystery, reality and imagination in suitable proportions to breathe life into a profound work of art creating along an insightful visual appeal. ARTRA Artist challenge seeking to bring under spotlight the young emerging artists with extraordinary artistic potential and expertise recognizes Peshala Premathilaka for her unique and outstanding visual art of painting.

Currently employed as a painting designer at ARPICO, Peshala utilizes her skill productively to contribute to the business sector working on product and background designing. For Peshala, art becomes a passageway to discover individuality and spirituality which transports her to a peaceful realm of imagination. ARTRA celebrates her artwork which convey a deep postmodern aesthetic character usually complex in nature and chaotically colourful. Most of her paintings betray an impressionistic influence yet at the same time they are inscribed with a specific abstract quality. Notably, the scattered lines, shapes and colourful brush strokes against soft textured backgrounds in her paintings are capable of visualizing an aesthetically tumultuous realm of art which is open to multiple interpretations. In conversation with ARTRA Peshala added, “In my opinion an artwork is the external evidence of an artist’s inner self. They always try to negotiate their emotions and perspectives on the canvas honestly”.

Similarly, Peshala claims that her art springs from the intersection of emotion and experience proving that the idiosyncrasy of the artist and the philosophy of his/her art can never be compartmentalized. She also stressed on the importance of listening to the inner voice of oneself when creating pieces of art which brings about the originality of thinking and expression. As typical with any innovative artist Peshala also mentioned that the liberal attitude of mind and readiness for experimentation can only shape an original and insightful artist. Clarifying her attachment to art Peshala responded to ARTRA adding that, “It is through painting that I try to communicate my stories and celebrate my views and emotions. Art is the language to see my soul and feel myself and connect with others. My paintings reflect how I see myself and how I explain myself to others''. 

Having graduated from the University of Visual and Performing Arts in Colombo, Peshala is equipped with a thorough theoretical and practical knowledge on the art of painting. She gratefully recalls the exposure she received as an undergraduate working with veteran contemporary artists visiting major art galleries in Colombo which inspired and enhanced her skills to a greater extent. This also ignited a passion in her to engage in art further motivating her to curate her own exhibition in a gallery one day. Driven by this goal, Peshala frequented galleries learning and investigating different styles, genres, techniques, media and materials which expanded her scope of knowledge. Remarkably, her works are inspired by floral items in nature. Especially, polychrome flower petals can be recognized as the signature characteristic recurrent in most of her artwork. Elaborating on her art Peshala voiced that, “I believe that inspiration and dedication guide us to discover new pathways. As an artist I’m also attracted to tranquility and peace which helps me explore my spirituality. Painting emerges in the silence of my thoughts and it is the music of my soul”.

Peshala has also been recognized for her skill that she has demonstrated her artistic flair in many local and international platforms. She has shown her colours participating in state Inter University competitions and exhibitions such as SAARC Women’s day show of University of Visual and Performing Arts (2019), Stylish marketer at University of Kelaniya (2017) and Works display at Sojo University, japan (2018). Further, her work has been acknowledged in Art fair Colombo 7 in 2018 and 2019 and certain popular corporate platforms like Sampath Green inventors. Further her work has attracted international acclaim through Imango Mundi International art Exhibition – San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice (2015) and Vagra Varna art exhibition, NCC (2013). Further, ARTRA admires the current resonance and the contemporary validity of Peshala’s art which always address pressing issues of society and nature. ARTRA identifies Peshala as an upcoming artist with an impressive talent to contribute to the Sri Lankan art scope.

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22nd May, 2020 Visual Art | Paintings