Ten facts you need to know about sketching by Firi Rahman

 For Artist Firi Rahman, Sketching is an art form that helps one develop a personal approach to their creative work, and helps you tell your story. He shared the following 10 aspects artists need to look into when formulating a credible work

  1. Sketching your Ideas

Ideas tend to arrive at the strangest times and being able to record them on the spot will help you remember them later.

  1. Inspiration;

As we live in a highly dynamic times from a creative point of view, anything and everything can be taken as an idea or possibility for new art works to be created.

  1. Impact;

Not only is sketching a chance for the artist himself to expand his or her imagination, but it is also gives the artist a chance to move people intellectually or emotionally.

  1. A new perspective-

it’s always important to sketch something that inspires you, so that in doing so you can have a greater connection with your audience by giving them a new perspective

  1. Experiment;

It is important to break from your comfort zone and experiment with new tools, themes and techniques so that your sketches will constantly be interesting and creative.

  1. Technique

 Scribbling is one of Firi’s main drawing techniques- he simply scribbles his ideas until he’s happy with the results! Every artist should find their own.

  1. Tools

Whilst firi carries a no-fuss, time saving mechanical pencil with him, he says that a normal pencil or pen is the least and basic option for an artist. Not only can you carry these everywhere , but you can also create various shades, tones and textures with these simple tools.

  1. Feed your creativity

Sketching is a way for you to feed their creativity and get all your imaginative ideas on paper- you don’t even need to be good at drawing to be able to sketch!

  1. Find your purpose

 Sketching is not only one of the cheaper art forms, but is something that can be pursued for different purposes, from being a career for some and simply a fun side hobby for others. Chose yours!

  • Be your own rule maker and breaker

Sketching is one of the easiest art forms with no real rules, surrounding it- you can go absolutely crazy with different tools and use your imagination to come up with interesting concepts.


Firi Rahman is the Emerging Art Personality feature of ARTRA Magazine E17 Apr/ May.

Artist Firi Rahman is represented by Saskia Fernando Gallery. 


27th September, 2017 Visual Art | Sketches