Careems Jewellers

Careems, with the unveiling of their new flagship store at Cambridge Place Colombo 7, presents an interpretation of how architectural and interior design assimilate the artisanal jewellery through convenience and exquisite exposition.

We found that the store captures Careems’ Best of 2018, through the composition of a space that articulates the meticulous detailing in the handcrafted jewellery and thereupon delivering the bespoke experience that resonates the expectations of the wearer. Notably, The Best Gold Jewellery Craftsman was awarded to their master craftsman Samath Kumara Kiriella at the Presidential Awards Ceremony 2018 to commemorate the Silver Jubilee Anniversary of the National Gem & Jewellery Authority of Sri Lanka.

As you take a stroll along the picturesque roadside passing the Lionel Wendt that carries exuberant  tales of the local art scene, the gridlock street entwined with greenery leading to Careems narrates a tale of Colombo’s culture and heritage. Since their inception in 1890, the gem and jewellery venture which began in the port city of Galle and now to the new flagship store, Careems has been a hub for unique craftsmanship while endowing timeless pieces. As you enter the flagship store, the glistening copper-brown beautifully crafted exterior with its clean lines exude the holistic craftsmanship experience that the tasteful adorner is yet to witness. With a broad knowledge in presenting creative solutions to the client, the store layout includes three different areas that reflect on Careems’ immaculate artistry and design ethos. Once Careems’ family home now converted to a geometrically-discerning store, the main showcase hall is similar to a time-capsule. It invokes the lineage of this fourth-generation family business and its legacy through a photo wall whilst the tables showcase and adorn classical and contemporary works; a perfect juxtaposition of novel and traditional creativity. While the glimmering chandeliers emphasize the glamour of the venue, the elegant jewellery pieces speak of the conceptualization of enduring masterpieces. Significantly, the main showroom hall carries a creatively presented sculpture of tools used to manufacture jewellery, which celebrates the intricate process and manoeuver in the production of statement pieces.

The Diamond room is a space dedicated to an array of diamonds, bridal and fashion-forward jewellery. The space encapsulates the stylish and curated collections crafted with diamonds, white gold as well as charming rose gold. In fact, there is also a constant display of manufacturing videos, a visual narrative that articulates the elaborative procedure involved in the production of their tasteful and elegant jewellery. 

Unraveling your creativity and co-crafting your unique statement pieces of jewels with the artisans of Careems requires a space that spurs tranquility. Thus the Designer Lounge reflects on generating an ambiance that prompts creative reflection. Overlooking a Japanese garden, the space culminates the homely nature of the property where you can relax and sip a cup of coffee as you browse through the catalogues and design books. Careems harmonizes the elements of meticulous design, artistic practice, and personalized service as they open doors to meet with their in-house designers who will take you through this artistic endeavor. With masterpieces that transcend time and a contemporary space that is reflective of the jewellery that surpasses the mere definition of adornments and embarks a creative narrative, Careems thrives to bring your imagination to exquisitely crafted wearables. With the conceptual knowledge of the designer, Careems infuses the artistic composition with production expertise to create statemen pieces befitting their aesthetic showroom. 

Visit the Careems flagship store located at 11, Cambridge Place Colombo 7 For consultation and appointments call Careems on +94 112 687444 or email

20th December, 2018 Visual Art | Sustainable Design