Tuğçe Diri | Anna Laudel Istanbul

Primarily working with oil and acrylic paint on canvas, as well as incorporating techniques such as lace, thread, and collage, Tuğçe Diri seamlessly synthesises surreal imagery with natural materials drawn from everyday life and the heritage of traditional and artisanal crafts of Turkey, be those found in textiles, tile work or architecture. The curated selection,reflecting the artist´s distinct style of converging emotional yet non-figurative expression with dynamic compositions of colour and texture, can be seen as a showcase of what defines Diri´s research based artistic style.

Diri perceives her use of the graphic frottage technique as a process of recreating and erasing her own patterns and struggles working with specific media. Yet, by interpreting architectural forms in an unconventional manner through the method of abstraction, Diri recontextualizes the physical representation of spaces and regions, as well as urban landscapes, into a new narrative, incorporating the traces left from a past that now lives in memory, but which yet defines the present day.

In her own words, Diri defines the series as an ‘effort to evoke vanished environments and cultural heritage,’ rediscovering the balance in relationships such as power and architecture, remembrance, and loss.

Drawing inspiration from significant architectural structures such as the Hagia Sophia, the AKM, the Arab Mosque and the Molla Zeyrek Mosque, the curated selection symbolises our evolving cultural and architectural memory, much like the ever-changing stone textures of these buildings throughout the years.

Tuğçe Diri‘s latest exhibition, “Underneath The Stones; Moment and Archive” reimagines Istanbul’s memories by looking beyond the city’s surface, intertwining past and present. The exhibition will be on display at Anna Laudel Istanbul from May 10 - June 30.

16th May, 2024 Visual Art | Paintings