Yashvin Senanayake

What is photography? Technically, and more commonly referred to, it is the act of producing a still image. But, to some individuals, more accurately, photography is an act of narrating a memory, a time, or place. The phrase  "A picture is worth a thousand words.", elaborating the uniqueness of a photograph, expounds on the fact that a simple, creative visual opens a gateway to over a thousand interpretations of anecdotes and chronicles. One artist, in particular, is a professional storyteller: filmmaking and photographing, his field of prowess.

Yashvin Senanayake who's an eighteen year-old content creator, is one of Daily ARTRA's emerging artists of January. His series is an inclusion of short films and photographs documented through his skill and dexterity with a camera. His journey first began in 2018, at the end of his school career, when he set out on a mission to prove to the world, that he is not an iota less than profoundly gifted. And profoundly gifted, he is: Yashvin & his work of art is distinguished because of his depiction of deep rooted meaning; each and everyone one of his photographs or videos consist of a connection to society's influence and the complex thoughts of a human mind, both encouraging and motivating.

A collection of his works of art unveil notions of human emotion; while the picture does not directly delineate the sentiment, it exists as a symbol, inducing the on-looker to read between the lines. Reflected through personal experience, his photographs are signs, milestones of his erudition and his corroboration.

Among his many talents, Yashvin is a true wanderer; in his work, he collects and showcases fragments of his ventures. An important aspect of a revolutionary world is its evident change: from green to gray, grass to concrete, the notable difference in our ecosystem is a difference that humankind often tends to take advantage of. The drastic differences that exist from lush greenery to the cityscapes, the artist urges the viewer to explore and thereupon foster the eco-system. His works of art document the pieces of Earth's metamorphosis, vividly and brilliantly.

Witnessing any one of his creations, means embarking on a journey through and along a different dimension; film or photograph, his mindscape - otherworldly and unparalleled - is revealed. Yashvin Senanayake's masterpieces exist as luminary beings: illuminating and capturing elements only he can see. Believing in an alternative realm becomes easy after just a glimpse into his world.

28th January, 2019 Visual Art | Photography