The Launch of Slow - Cooked Thoughts by Rohan De Soysa

“In order to realize a truly sustainable future, we must begin to respect other forms of life and, most importantly, the environment on which their survival depends”, Slow-Cooked Thoughts by Rohan de Soysa launches on 31st of March at The Sapumal Foundation from 4:00PM to 7:00PM. Sit amongst and amidst a great author, the renowned Sapumal Foundation and the greatest book. So how do you slow cook thoughts? Let’s find out!

Author Rohan de Soysa, launches his latest book, ‘Slow-Cooked Thoughts’ which consists of an eclectic and thought-provoking collection of talks, essays, and articles, including an account of an overland trip and two tales of life seen from the perspective of nonhuman life-forms. The aim perceived through the book is the active social and ethical consciousness of the environment. Running through the book is a common thread of concern for the environment, an appreciation for the arts, and rather idealistic concepts on simple ways of reversing the damage caused to the environment. Rohan portrays throughout, how this mindset is needed in the future so that society can achieve a balanced environment suitable for all life-forms, including human beings.

Rohan de Soysa is currently active in the fields of art and the environment. He has also been involved in photography, agriculture, industry and trade. He became a trustee of the Sapumal Foundation in 1981 and he has been chairman since 2011. In 1985, Rohan bought eighteen acres of secondary forests for his daughter and today it is a sanctuary and the first community conservation project in the country. Rohan de Soysa received his photographic training in the early 1960’s at the London School of Printing and Graphic Arts. He worked as a freelance photographer after qualifying. He was a part-time teacher at St.Martin’s School of Art in London, where he also photographed the paintings, sculptures and fashion work of the students.

Originally, The Sapumal Foundation was the home of Harry Pieris. Over time, he opened up the space for art enthusiasts, amateurs and the public to perceive the space and preserve the art that, although created years ago, still exists in the minds of those who are art lovers, and avid admirers of the ’43 Group. It is said, that the main purpose of the Foundation is to preserve the collection for the generations that are still to come and to advance the cause of art. The Foundation was opened as a notion for society to appreciate art, and by existing as a non-profit establishment while encouraging others to donate. Often called a ‘hidden gem’, by the public, the space hosts art from the ’43 Group, and opens to other artists to showcase their works of art. Today, the house with its tile-roofed bungalow and beautiful greenery, holds some of the best examples of Sri Lankan art since the 1920s.

The ’43 Group, dubbed as such due to its initiation in 1943 consists of Sri Lanka’s greatest artists of all time including, Lionel Wendt, Geoff Beling, Harry Pieris, Richard Gabriel, Ivan Peries, George Keyt, George Claessen, Aubrey Collette, Justin Daraniyagala and L. T. P. Manjusri Thero. The art created by the ‘43 Group was influenced by both the style and the subjects of the Impressionists and Expressionists. Although it is during that time that Sri Lanka was surviving a war, the 43 Group fashioned paintings that interpreted topics which depicted Life, especially of the farmers and fishermen who produce our sustenance, and love, between mother and child, man and animal and as depicted in myths to provide observers a different outlook – one not as disturbing, instead of highlighting topics which represented the battlegrounds, and undeserved scars.

In his book, Rohan de Soysa takes on the role of bringing to light the repeated concerns of the environment. “Human life on the Earth has taken an exacting toll on the planet. Climate is changing, biodiversity is declining and our children’s futures are in jeopardy. So what can we do today to reverse these trends and rediscover the value of our planet?” He strives to reach out to the public and society, for environmental activists to be able to relate, and create a better Earth for future generations by preserving air, water, soil, plants, animals, and the ecosystem as a whole and determines that, that is what is of real value.

Be inspired, by the right cause and work towards a better future. Rohan de Soysa will inspire you like no other; don’t miss out, contact or 0777 032 751 to register for attendance.

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29th March, 2019 Written Art | Personalities